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Monday, April 20, 2009



I had a little play with the new lights tonight - well one of them anyway. I set up a nice cross lighting scenario, I just needed a subject but as soon as the camera comes out everyone disappears. Tonight even the dogs wouldn't play ball - actually nothing that unusual there! Anyway just as I was packing away Bob appeared and sat momentarily in front of me. He clearly didn't get the set up as he was in the wrong place but I like the soft light on his face and eye. Also the DOF is too shallow but I still like it.


Michelle 1:05 am  

I am impressed. I have a black dog and she is so difficult to shoot. You did a fabulous job.

Christina 1:32 am  

Black on black ~ this is a great photo! He is very shiny and sleek!

Mari 1:49 am  

It's a great photo! What a beautiful dog.

Laura 3:38 am  

I love the framing/cropping on this shot. Very intruiging.

Eric Dustrude 6:37 am  

Gear packed away - check.
Subject in wrong location - check.
Too little time - check.
Aperture wrong - check.

Result - perfect.

Can I borrow your checklist for next time?

Tim D. 7:31 am  

Yeah. I agree with everyone here. This is an awesome shot! Great looking dog! Great light! Good job!

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