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Saturday, April 25, 2009



My daughter and her friend actually wanted their pictures taken....


M Coleman 11:03 pm  

Love their expressions! Aren't you lucky to have so many models, willing or somewhat reluctant?

Mari 2:03 am  

That is a really cute picture!

Lance C 2:17 am  

1 did you sharpen in Photoshop?
2 smoke shot is awesome!!!
3. nice lighting on your wife
4. love the reflection on the bubble.
catching up with your days all in one post ;)

Tim D. 6:02 am  

Very nice shot! I love the lighting. And a great background. What is your background? Or did you photoshop it away?

Alan 7:27 am  

Thanks for your comments. I don't think I sharpened in post - I did use Picasa and slightly adjusted the levels. I notice the picture looks a bit noisy on Blogger but looks fine on Flickr.

As for the background, it is a white sheet hung from the ceiling with two flahes firing into it to effectively over expose it. It didn't work as cleanly as I hoped due to a lack of space and me not taking much time in setting up!!

Oz Girl 1:59 pm  

Boy oh boy does she look just like her mum! Lovely photo of the two of them. ;)

Kim 3:53 am  

Cute kids and your daughter looks just like your wife! ;-)

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