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Wednesday, April 22, 2009




Christina 9:34 pm  

Awesome photo!

Eric Dustrude 9:37 pm  

I love the various reflections. I wonder, how many did you take before the bubble popped and got soap on your lens?

susanvg 10:28 pm  

This is great! The bubble and the expression on the bubble blower - wonderful!

Tim D. 12:10 am  

Love it! Great photo!

Mari 1:03 am  

Great shot! You should give a lesson on lighting, you do such a great job with it.

DaddyNoBucks 3:16 am  

Great photo – great idea – great lighting - great color. Absolutely brilliant!

Hotter Than... 7:02 am  

That's fantastic. Lovely sense of tension in it.

Anonymous 7:11 am  

Had to enlarge the photo to appreciate it. The reflections are great - looks like a bubble within a bubble. And noticed the shadows of the wand on the lady's chin. Nice photo, great shot, good colors and great tension - more ways than one because it is tension that keeps the bubble intact.

Kim 6:02 pm  

Your lighting job on this is fantastic! I love your whimsical take on it! ;-)

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