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Thursday, April 16, 2009


106/365 Sad


Lance C 9:16 pm  


[¯Ô¯]njoy 9:25 pm  

Sad? But it's so beautiful!

Michelle 10:36 pm  

Oh, I love this shot!

Kimberley 11:37 pm  

Wow. I didn't see "sad" until njoy's comment--great eye, njoy! Did you place those letters intentionally? Are you sad, Alan? I hope not because this picture is so cheerful--it made me smile at the end of a long but beautiful day.

Mari 12:41 am  

I didn't see the "sad" either. Great photo! It's so colorful and cheery!

Laura 4:15 am  

This is fun! The "sad" popped out right away, which was intruiging because a bunch of colorful beads do not evoke sadness....

Hotter Than... 6:45 am  

Such a contrast to the previous post! I love the bright, vibrant colour.

Eric Dustrude 2:39 pm  

Is this serendipity or setup? Will you revisit this idea?

Alan 9:05 pm  

Thanks for the comments. It was my wife's idea to use the beads and whilst arranging them and fiddling with the lighting we noticed the SA - the D seemed the obvious addition! Merely a reflection on two adults, playing with beads at 10:00 at night in order to put a picture on a blog. Funny the affect this project has ...

Eric - yes, I am sure I will revisit.

susanvg 1:02 pm  

A great example of a word so in contrast to the bright colours - sometimes you have to read beneath the surface.

Kim 3:29 am  

I, too, noticed the 'sad' right away and thought it was a funny juxtaposition. 'Sad' sitting right in the middle of all of the cheerfully bright colors!

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