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Monday, April 06, 2009


Still trying to use the 70-200 for my shots this week I headed down to the seafront after dark. My intention was to capture lights and reflections of the channel ferries. As I set up my tripod I was approached by a man who tried to speak to me - he clearly did not speak English and possibly had other problems or maybe was drunk . As I moved around he followed me not saying anything or making eye contact when I looked at him. I didn't hang around for too long as I felt uncomfortable in the dark with him behind me. The pictures I did take demonstrate a complete lack of attention and none were blog worthy. Stuck with the handicap of the long lens I did a quick self portrait which actually sums up my day quite well.


Mari 1:21 am  

It's a neat photo - does reflect your afternoon. I'm glad you didn't hang around with that guy following you!

Tim D. 3:23 am  

Yeah I think it's a great photo! It could tell a story. And good thing all is well with after your encounter. Kinda scary sounding!

Michelle 6:15 pm  

What a dramatic shot. That would have been creepy having that guy following you around. I know I would have high tailed it out of there. :)

Oz Girl 1:46 pm  

Great self portrait, love the shadows which make it quite dramatic. Your encounter would make me nervous too, so probably best to pack it up and leave as you did.

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